Blackpool Area Based Gardening and Landscaping Services

Local Gardener Services

Frequent Garden Care

We provide Lawn Mowing and Sowing services. Also including Lawn and Garden Weed removal and care. However, we also tend to Flower maintenance and Lawn Watering.

Local Gardeners Special Touch

Landscaping is another topic that we cover. So, including the green waste removal of the services we provide. Our experts can help with Bush/Tree Pruning to your advised needs. We also take a special approach to our Garden Thinning and Garden Tidying Services.

Garden Maintenance

If your looking for Regulare Garden Maintenance then we can provide Trimming and Cutting hedges regularly. So, we can also help with Green Waste Removal of small waste also. However, if you're Planting New Hedging then we can tend to these to make sure they grow the right way to the right height.

Our Portfolio

Local Gardening Projects

St. Anne's Garden
St. Anne's Garden

Our St. Anne's clients requires a unique gardener for their unique gardens. Having worked with a lot of local gardens we can specialise in such things, get in touch today.

Fleetwood Garden
Fleetwood Garden

Fleetwood clients typically want a cheap reliable service. If your grass has become overgrown, we can send our gardener to come and help you out.

Thornton / Cleveleys Garden
Thornton / Cleveleys Garden

Thornton / Cleveleys is a great place to meet new clients. Have your lawn looked after by our local gardener. On a regular basis that works for you!

Blackpool Garden
Blackpool Garden

We will get your garden back to how it was making sure to take care with the property. We ensure that waste is removed of correctly.


What are clients say

“I have my hedges trimmed every other weekend and can rely on this service for the foreseeable future!”

Karren Mitchel
Karren Mitchel Thornton-Cleveleys, England

“I thought that the Garden would require a lot of work over a few days, but was done the same day and they made it look easy, would definitely use again.”

Graham Harrison
Graham Harrison Blackpool, England

"I can actually use my yard with my kids now. Thank You! from Me, my Wife and the Kids."

Victor Smith
Victor Smith Fleetwood, England
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