Local Blackpool Gardeners Service

We aim to offer a reliable service to customers all around the Blackpool area. So, with are client base growing all the time it’s also allwoing us to pick up some great skills from a range of gardens.

We are also recommended through friends a lot due to our great, friendly and professional services. So ask about it and see if your friends have heard of us. Or, check out our reviews on the main page.

We want to make sure your garden is cared for with minimal interruption of your life. Requiring no interruptions is vital with the current pandemic, as you may be working from home.

Whatever your need is, get in touch, and our Local professional Gardener will get in touch to arrange when is best for you.

We are based in Fleetwood and Blackpool

Being based in Fleetwood and Blackpool allows us to access a wide range of clients. Some clients thought it was going to be difficult to get reliable, regular and local Blackpool Gardeners. However, they have been happy clients since.

As well as providing the gardening service we provide advice to you if you are concerned of the maintenance, after we have serviced your garden.